Greetings from Dr. Brunson

A message from our principal, Dr. Brunson:

Brunson pic 

Hello to our NCTS families and community!

Fall 2022 begins my second year with the NCTS family, and I am hopeful about great things ahead for us.  Our 2021-2022 year was successful and enjoyable in so many ways…now we have reached the final year here at our current campus before we move to our next campus at Eagle Drive for the Fall 2023 school year.  Truly we have a busy and exciting year ahead!

Many of the NCTS families and I have worked together and known each other during our lives in Covington, and some of you are my former classmates from when we attended school as students at East Newton, Sharp Middle, and Newton County High School!  This is a tremendous privilege to serve so many of the families here in my hometown.   

As we enter and experience the new school year ahead, am asking you to help NCTS continue to be a place where:

We help each other when we struggle. We support each other in all our efforts. We reflect on our work so that we may improve. We take pride in our individual accomplishments without comparing ourselves to others. We work hard now so that we will receive the benefits of our efforts later. We do not give up. We do good to all people.

My twenty-seventh year in education is already shaping up to be amazing!  It will be with your help!  I hope you'll share my optimism for a safe, successful, and satisfying new school year ahead!

Dr. Brunson